Apply for license in Malaysia

Malaysia Driving License

Requirement of driving license in Malaysia is application must be 17 plus years old for local. In case of foreigners are allowed for licensing of 3 months after then apply for local license. Address is Parcel D, Blk D4, Level Two, Putrajaya, Road Transport Department. Categories of driving licenses are 1) Probation 2) Competence and 3) Motorcycle. Foreign nations can drive by international license. Show your international driving license along with passport copy to RTD after 3 months. You can eligible to drive for one year in Malaysia as foreigner. Cost of licensing is not more than Ringgit 200/-. To remember, you can apply yourself and duration of licensing might be 30 days plus. As a foreigner to avoid any difficulties contact agent to settle this case within short period. You can get Malaysian license once pass exam as foreigner.

Malaysia Halal License

Halal license is must in Malaysia for manufacture, liquid and restaurant businesses. There are some requirement has to follow to obtain Halal license as 1) Ensure goods ingredients are Halal 2) At least two staffs are Muslim, Malaysian 3) Packaging items are Halal 4) Work station is secure  5) The area of premise is clean 6) Ensure staffs are taken medicine and injection 7) Halal audit committee is the authority to scan all and approve it 8) Safety and security of workers must ensure. Halal is an important as Malaysia license to do business. If any business is started relating liquid, manufacture, trading without Halal license is an offence. So, obtain license before starting up in Malaysia as safety guideline.

Malaysia Trade License Application

Apart from company registration there are other relevant licenses need to start a new business. Steps are 1) Sign up 2) Extract company profile 3) Choose your license 4) Fill up form 5) Submit 6) Check application status. For individual profile registration, you need followings

  • Nationality selects
  • Country of citizen
  • User ID
  • Password
  • Confirm password
  • Name as passport/ IC
  • Email
  • Address
  • Postcode
  • City
  • State
  • Country
  • Verify registration
  • Security question
  • Enter security code
  • And finally tick on as self-declaration the above information is true.
  • Submit

The following licenses are provided by MBPJ and DBKL

  1. Premise and Composite license
  2. Hawkers license
  3. Liquor License
  4. Advertisement license
  5. Car park Malaysia license
  6. Entertainment license
  7. Auction license
  8. Grave License

Premise License

Download form and fill up to submission in DBKL. There are documents need to attach along with form as 1) Tenancy agreement 2) Layout plan 3) Picture of premise and furniture 4) Company SSM papers 5) Passport/ IC. Cost of Premise License along with agent and government might be Ringgit 2000/-. It takes around 3-5 working days at maximum. Premise license is a requirement when start business in Malaysia renting an office. Do not think that Signboard license is enough and not need Premise license.

Malaysia Signboard License

Each company must have signboard license as Malaysia license requirement. There are many types of signboard license finds as inside, banner, outdoor, near road and roadside. It’s needs measurement of signboard approval before hang. Ensure place of signboard to put and never hang more than 1 unless obtain permission. Authority of DBKL can visit suddenly to check authorization. If find something wrong will make happy of a gift as companion up to Ringgit 50000/-. Now imagine what will you do to start a new business with/ without license. Pre-approval require from Language department and apply to DBKL along with SSM copies. It takes normally 3-5 working days or lesser and cost of Ringgit 2000/- including agency fee.

Hawkers License

Download form, fill up and submit to DBKL. Check what you are applying for as 1) Static License 2) Market Hawker 3) Temporary Hawker 4) Mobile Hawker. To obtain Hawker license any person can apply. Commission reserve right of approval and cease if disqualified. Apply with tenancy agreement who is 18 years old and citizen of Malaysia. Commission may ask for a deposit amounting Ringgit 50000 (fifty Thousand). License can be renewing, transfer and replace from the commission of DBKL. Supporting documents are 1) name, address, IC 2) Photograph 3) Type of Hawker 4) Valid tenure of license 5) Items of Goods 5) Hawker site. If business relating of food items must need medical examination. Size of stall, display items, place of stalls should mention in application to DBKL.

Malaysia import and export license

Export and import business entrepreneur’s investment in Malaysia in the hope of good business return within short time. Without obtaining license no one is eligible to do export business. Prepare documents after opening Sdn Bhd company as follows:

  1. SSM copies
  2. Passport
  3. Signboard and premise license
  4. Rental tenancy agreement
  5. Sample copy of goods
  6. Invoice of customers
  7. Bank statement

Kindergarten license

Kindergarten license is needed to do primary and under primary school business. Local council along with education ministry approval is required to get the approval. School premise rent building and safety assurances are required to get approval.

SSM Registration

To start a business SSM registration is must as local and foreigners to register a company in Malaysia. One person is minimum condition to be shareholder to form Sdn Bhd company. Share capital RM 1 is minimum and maximum as you need. Cost of limited liability company registration in Malaysia approximately RM 3000-4000. Fee depend on number of services along with company incorporation.

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